Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Code of Conduct

Important Notice:  The Council has agreed a new Code of Conduct governing the behaviour of Members and the way they disclose pecuniary interests.

On June 6th, the Government introduced new legislation under the Localism Act 2011. Because of this, the Council was required to agree a new Code of Conduct, which included changes to the way in which pecuniary interests (which may affect a Councillor's opinion on something) are disclosed to the public. Due to the limited time which the Council had to legally adopt the new Code, it was done as an 'emergency' item at our meeting on 2nd July. The decision will be confirmed by the Council at the next meeting in September. 

Each of our Councillors will declare their interests fully and submit them to SLDC, who keep a register. The interests will then be published on our website and be available for residents to see.

To view the new Code of Conduct, visit our website now. The register of interests will appear in around a month's time.